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Leadership Development Committee

Leadership Development Committee (LDC)

The LDC is comprised of 5 members elected by the membership.  Works to cultivate and recruit committee members and serves as the nomination committee by recruiting, interviewing, and recommending a slate of candidates to serve as Board Members.

Board Liaison:  Pete Whitridge


Debra Curties, Chair
Debra Curties

I find the task of helping match talented people to the Alliance’s evolving Board and committee needs challenging and fun. Of necessity the LDC’s job includes helping identify and evaluate those organizational needs before addressing them, which is a keen interest of mine. It also involves interacting with inspirationally hardworking, dedicated Board members and committee chairs. As a school owner and instructor at Sutherland-Chan School in Toronto, and continuing education provider, I feel a great satisfaction in being a part of the growth of massage therapy education through this important association. The LDC has developed our relationship and work style over many hours of dialogue and group decision-making. We enjoy working together, are very productive, and it is a pleasure to serve as the committee’s chair. Email: [email protected] 


Tim Herbert, Committee Member
As a volunteer who believes strongly in the Alliance’s mission, making a positive contribution to the organization is highly rewarding. When the work is done, in collaboration with some of the finest people on the planet, led by a fantastic committee chair (Debra Curties), well, the work is actually delightful. Our task is to staff committees and the Board of Directors, inviting people to bring their talents and passion to the Alliance. I’ve been able to share from my experience (a quarter century as part of the massage therapy vendor community, and 10 years service on the Massage Therapy Foundation Board of Trustees) to help the Alliance become stronger and more effective. Email: [email protected] 



David Lauterstein, Committee Member 

After many types of involvement in the “politics” of massage since 1981, in recent years I have been more focused on writing, teaching, and my school. However, new developments in the field and big decisions that are being made related to recommended curriculum, the Model Practice Act, scope of practice, etc. have re-motivated me to become more involved. I have been excited to see the truly helpful and important role played by the Alliance among other organizations. I am honored and enthusiastically interested in helping our profession move in balanced and healthy directions in the future.  Email: [email protected] 



Joe Lubow, Committee Member
Joe Lubow

Joe Lubow, the owner and director of Sarasota School of Massage Therapy in Sarasota Florida, has served on the LDC since the organization’s founding in 2010.

Joe served on the Examination Committee of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) from 2008 (and as its Chair from 2010) until 2014. He has also assisted the instruction of gross anatomy dissection seminars for massage therapists at the University of South Florida College of Medicine since 1993, and was instrumental in their creation.

He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Tulane University and a diploma from the Swedish Institute. He has practiced massage therapy for 30 years years, including structural integration since 2006. Email: [email protected] 


Su Bibik, Committee Member

As a founding member of the Alliance, I have a strong commitment to well-trained instructors within the profession of massage therapy and bodywork. I served from 2009 through August 2016 on the BOD as treasurer, secretary/treasurer, secretary and vice-president. I have a reasonably intimate knowledge of the workings of the BOD. And, I’m looking forward to supporting the Alliance, as a member of the LDC, to continue to advance the professional status of massage therapy and bodywork. As a practitioner since 1977 and an educator since 1972, I bring my passion and experience to this project – continuing to grow and develop an organization that holds the highest educational standards we can in the massage and bodywork profession, paying close attention to maintaining the heart and art within the science and professionalism of our practices. Email: [email protected] 


How Do I Become an Active Part of the Alliance?

We all have busy schedules and not everyone can make the time, has the necessary background or the desire to serve on a board. However, there are others who wish to participate and have a more active role in helping to re-shape Massage Therapy Education. Here is your opportunity to let your voice be heard and be an active part in re-shaping Massage Therapy Education. United, we can all make a difference. United, we have a strong voice and united, is how we will re-shape Massage Therapy Education together!

Who Can Serve?

According to the Alliance Bylaws, members and chairs of the LDC committees are elected by members. Currently, any member is welcome to serve on the LDC Committee. Below is an application if you would like to be considered for the team.