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Educational Congress

AFMTE Biennial Educational Congress

Our mission: To foster dialogue, inquiry, and creative problem-solving between and among organizations and individuals involved in massage therapy and bodywork education. We will provide opportunities to become informed about critical issues affecting our health industry, gather information, enhance teaching skills, and network.

Our intention: Is to gather a critical mass of educators and facilitate co-location of meeting space for various organizations to gather and collaborate. Organizations are encouraged to hold board meetings, offer content for Congress participants, report to the Congress on the current status of that organization, and receive public comment and feedback.

The idea of a Congress was originally inspired by members of the massage therapy and bodywork education community, who desired to have one event where representatives from every organization connected with massage therapy and bodywork education could gather to share, collaborate, and  discuss together the critical issues affecting our industry, exchanges information, enhance teaching skills, and network.

The first Educational Congress in 2015 set a record for the best attended massage and bodywork educators event in history. “Our 2017 Educational Congress was a huge success and created a variety of options for networking, collaboration, and participation,” says Cherie Sohnen-Moe, Past-President of AFMTE. “We are looking forward to our 2019 Educational Congress to be held in historic Philadelphia!. Join us for this engaging event and extend your stay to explore this vibrant city and nearby landmarks.”

Leaders in this industry are encouraged to distinguish themselves and their organizations by supporting educational excellence within the profession by participating in the event during the odd years.  To find out more about the upcoming  and past conference click on the listings below:  

2019 Educational Congress

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2017 Educational Congress 

2017 Educational Congress Photo Album 

AFMTE President’s Award 

2015 Educational Congress

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