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Alliance Overview

AFMTE - Massage Therapy- About Us

Vision :

Working from the principle that education forms the foundation of a profession, our vision is to support, strengthen, and elevate educational practices and standards in massage therapy and bodywork. We will strengthen and improve the field of massage and bodywork by credentialing or supporting the credentialing of instructors in both entry-level training programs and post-graduate studies. The Vision of the Alliance is: a credentialed instructor in every massage and bodywork class.


The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education serves as an independent voice, advocate, and resource for the massage therapy and bodywork education community.

The Goals of the Alliance are to:

  1. Promote the National Teacher Education Standards Project that guides and informs effective teaching of students and professionals, and that leads to the credentialing of all massage therapy and bodywork teachers in entry level programs and post-graduate studies
  2. Advocate for the interests of members in dealings and collaborations with other stakeholder organizations, governmental agencies, and regulatory bodies
  3. Provide educational opportunities and resources to support member schools, teachers, and continuing education providers in implementing teaching standards
  4. Strengthen and improve massage therapy and bodywork education by providing information and educational opportunities to institutions, administrators, teachers, and continuing education providers
  5. Facilitate access to massage therapy and bodywork education
  6. Promote curriculum and administrative standards for schools
  7. . Provide a forum for fellowship, fun, support, and networking among our members

Strategic Plan:

The AFMTE defines its strategic plan as a strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. The AFMTE Strategic Plan is maintained by the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) that is composed of a Chairperson and a Board Liaison appointed by the President with the approval of the BOD and the assistance of the LDC and other members as needed. The SPC is charged with developing a Strategic Plan for the BOD of the Alliance that focuses on the main goals of the organization as well as other items that address the needs of the organization. The SPC is further charged with the periodic review of the Plan at the behest of the BOD. You are invited to view the most recent Strategic plan here.

Rationale and Structure:

As the field of massage therapy moves forward in its evolution, it is clear that the education sector must have a champion of its own. . In fact, nearly all long-standing professions have an organization of this type. In light of the many challenges and opportunities that exist today, the Alliance stands for the interests of the education sector, and has taken its place among the other stakeholder groups that comprise the massage therapy and bodywork field. And by strengthening and improving massage and bodywork education, the Alliance will bring great benefit to schools, teachers, practitioners, and resource partners, along with everyone in the general public who receives massage therapy and bodywork. The establishment of the Alliance moves our field one step closer towards becoming a full profession.

Membership:  The Alliance is comprised of five primary membership groups:

  • Schools (for institutions offering training programs in massage, bodywork and somatic therapies)
  • Teachers/Administrators (for instructors or administrators in those institutions)
  • Continuing Education Providers (for those individuals, businesses or institutions whose primary educational activity is offering post-graduate training)
  • Allied Member (for companies that provide products and services to the education sector)
  • Supporter Member (for individuals who support the work of the Alliance. Supporter members are NOT teachers, school owners, or CE Providers, but wish to be support the mission of the AFMTE)

Also there are many ways you can get involved with the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education to support our efforts in massage therapy and bodywork education that do not require membership, like Corporate Sponsorship.

Structure: The Alliance is incorporated as a non-profit organization, and has been granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service under Section 501(c)(6).

Bylaws: Click here to download the Bylaws of the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education.

Code of Ethics: Click here to read the Alliance’s Code of Ethics.

Governance: The nine-member Board of Directors is the leadership and policy making body for the Alliance. The Board is comprised of two Directors each from the School, CE Provider and Teacher membership categories, plus three Directors-at-large. Board members are elected for a two-year term and can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. The officers of the Board – President, Vice President and Treasurer – are elected annually by the Directors.

AFMTE LeafAbout the Alliance logo and name: The leaf symbol was chosen to represent growth, change and our connection to the natural world – essential elements in the learning process. The overall design of the Alliance logo embodies flow and movement, which are qualities indigenous to the healing arts. The choice of name was based on the fact that “massage therapy” is the descriptor most widely associated with this discipline – by the general public, the business community, organizations outside our field, and by state and federal agencies. Institutions from the broad spectrum of massage, bodywork, and somatic therapies are welcome to join the Alliance.


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