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Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Educator’s Assessment Guide

The AFMTE Guide for Assessing

Massage Therapy and Bodywork Educators

This guide was developed to help educators assess themselves and assist administrators to effectively develop faculty assessments for the required level of mastery of each of the Core Competencies.

The guide contains information about types of assessments and how to select the appropriate method for the specific material presented. Our hope is that this guide helps you better understand how to apply the Core Competencies, how to assess each type of competency, and be able to reference the table as a way to create similar tables for all the Core Competencies.

To effectively assess a competency, you must be able to identify measurable outcomes and the tasks necessary to demonstrate the requisite level of mastery. The sample table of Standard One includes the competencies with examples of associated measurable outcomes, assessment types, and identifiable tasks. Details about assessment methods and outcomes can be found in Sections 2 and 3.

The guide concludes with a listing of additional resources and a glossary.

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The table of contents is included below along with direct links to the Assessment Guide, Table, and Classroom Observation Assessment and the Faculty Evaluation Forms.   

I  Introduction

Overview of the Assessment Guide


Overview of the NTESP

Overview of the Core Competencies

II  The Assessment Process

Assessing Educators

The Purpose and Benefit of Assessments

Basic Characteristics of an Effective Assessment Model

Assessment Plan Overview

The Six Steps of an Assessment Cycle Process

III  Identifying Assessment Methods

   Defining Student Learning Outcomes

   P.F. Drucker SMART Model

   Criteria for Selecting Assessment Methods

   Direct and Indirect Assessment Method

   Types of Direct and Indirect Assessment Measures

   Summative versus Formative Assessment Methods

   Examples of Summative and Formative Assessment Measures

IV  Assessment Table

  How to Use the Assessment Table

  Standard One Sample AFMTE Assessments Table

  Assessment Table Glossary

V  Appendix

References and Additional Sources

Sample Assessment Forms

Classroom Observation Assessment Form   

Faculty Evaluation Form  


The material for this guide was provided by Gloria Lawrence. Cherie Sohnen-Moe and Stan Dawson collaborated with Gloria to determine the focus and content to be included in the guide. The Assessment Table was produced by the NTTCDC Committee: Dawn Hogue (chair), Gloria Lawrence (BOD Liaison), Iris Berman, Su Bibik, Brent Jackson, Sandy Grover Mason, Juliebeth Mezzy, John Morgan, and Brenda Rayner.