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2019 Election Process


Alliance for Massage Therapy Education 

From the AFMTE Leadership Development Committee: 

2019 Election Process and Slate Presentation 

Election time is coming, and the AFMTE Congress in Philadelphia is your polling station!

We’re asking for your participation in this year’s election. Help select the colleagues who will be entrusted to lead the AFMTE for the next two years. 

The election will be conducted during the business meeting at the Congress (Friday, July 26 at 9:00 am). You can vote “yes” for the LDC’s recommended slate or nominate one or more alternate candidates. Please keep in mind, when nominating, that alternate candidates must be voting members in good standing and must have agreed to be nominated.

Meet the Slate Candidates and Review the Process

This year the Board of Directors is saying farewell to Penny Jeffrey and Bev Giroud. The LDC’s proactively been in contact with a number of qualified members and found three excellent candidates.

The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) has selected a slate of recommended candidates for the Board seats open this year. You will be asked to either accept the slate or nominate individuals to contest one or more of the available seats.

Dawn Hogue, Jodi Scholes, and Terrie Yardley-Nohr all have terms expiring this summer, are applying to re-up. The LDC is recommending that they be re-elected.

The LDC’s 2019 slate of BOD candidates includes:

LDC Candidates

The LDC committee has 3 openings. Two incumbents whose terms are expiring, Su Bibik and Tim Herbert, are willing to return, and Cari Johnson Pelava is a new candidate. We hope you will support the election of these three candidates to the LDC team.

This year’s election will be conducted during the business meeting at the Congress (Friday, July 26 at 9:00 am). You can vote “yes” for the LDC’s recommended slate or nominate one or more alternate candidates. Please keep in mind, when nominating, that alternate candidates must be voting members in good standing and must have agreed to be nominated.


MK Brennan_alliance-for-massage-therapy-education MK Brennan Associate

LDC Statement:

As an LMBT for a quarter-century, and a registered nurse and case manager at Atrium Health University City Hospital, MK Brennan understands the benefits of massage therapy delivered within the broader health care community. As former president of the Society 4 Oncology Massage and before that, of the AMTA, MK has an impressive set of leadership skills to help the Alliance grow, including in financial functions and strategic planning. Her knowledge of organizational best practices was particularly useful as a member of the AFMTE Governance Committee when they were putting together the organization’s ‘ops manual.’ She also brings strong grounding in clinical realities, MT research, and communications. The LDC asks AFMTE membership to endorse MK’s nomination because we believe the Alliance will benefit greatly from her experience and vision.

Message from MK:

In the various positions I have held over the past 40 years in healthcare, much of my focus has been on the development of strategic plans, missions, visions, policies, procedures, governance structure, competencies, and leadership skills. These are the strengths I can bring to the AFMTE board as the organization plans its future direction. I also have a keen interest in seeing massage therapy education continue to advance as the profession expands. There have been so many changes and opportunities for massage therapists since I first entered the profession in 1991. Moving forward, I see the possibility of more specialization, increased inroads into “mainstream” healthcare, and education levels similar to other healthcare fields. AFMTE is the best organization to consider these possibilities and more.

Randy Clark School Director, Faculty, CE Provider

LDC Statement: Randy Clark is a passionate advocate for the AFMTE. Currently serving on the Marketing and Membership Committee, he is aware that massage therapy educators are eager to find collegiality with fellow educators. A co-founder and director of the Center for Neurosomatic Studies in St. Petersburg, FL, Randy is clear-eyed in his approach to delivering effective training to his students. He’s results oriented, but it’s his clear, consistent processes that deliver those results. Randy notes the need for deliberate cultivation of standards and educational resources developed by and in support of massage therapy educators. The LDC asks AFMTE membership to support Randy’s nomination, knowing his high-energy, thoughtful and communicative approach will amplify the gifts he’s already brought to the Alliance.

Message from Randy:

I have spent the past 20-plus years working in this field as a therapist, CE provider, teacher, and school owner. During this time, I have come to realize that in educating the next generation of therapists, we are not only changing the lives of our students but the countless lives they touch after passing through our doors. This is a great responsibility. I see the AFMTE as being in the best position to help the amazing people taking on this responsibility to better achieve their goals. This organization has incredible resources and tools for educators, and adding teacher certification is a huge step forward. As we continue to find new ways to add value for our members, it is our duty to let every person working in the massage education industry know what we have to offer and to motivate them to become involved. I look forward to working with my fellow board members to make this happen.

dawn-hogue-afmte-board-of-director Dawn Hogue School Director, Faculty, Associate

LDC Statement:

Dawn Hogue is the newly appointed Executive Director of the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) and the Senior Administrator of the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage in Virginia Beach, VA. Dawn joined the Alliance board several months ago to fill a vacant position. She quickly distinguished herself as a director and became the liaison to the Leadership Development Committee (LDC). Previously, she served as the chair of the National Teacher Training Curriculum Development Committee, where she provided leadership in the effort to create a comprehensive curriculum model for the training of massage therapy educators. A somatic psychotherapist and long-time massage therapist, Dawn brings a mindful approach to organizational communications and leadership. The LDC asks the AFMTE membership to ratify President Stan Dawson’s appointment of Dawn Hogue for the completion of the term.

Message from Dawn:

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the Alliance for another year as a member of the Board of Directors. This past year has given me a solid foundation in the operations of the organization and I feel ready to continue from that place of grounding, focus and inspiration. I have always felt a strong connection to the vision, mission and goals of the AFMTE, and in particular, to the Teacher Education Standards Project. It is an exciting time with the implementation of Educator Certification and I am eager to support the next phase of curriculum development for what will be an outstanding training for educators! I have been a massage therapist since 1996, an educator since 2000, and an administrator since 2006 – I am deeply committed to our profession and elevating the standards of education and professional practice. I look forward to working with my fellow Board members as we advocate for the massage therapy and bodywork education community. Thank you for this opportunity and for your continued support!

Michele Renee School Director, Faculty

LDC Statement: Dr. Michele Renee is a bridge-builder. A licensed chiropractor, acupuncturist and massage therapist, Michele brings an embodied appreciation for complementary health care and the role education can and should play in deepening connections among professions. Michele has taught at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN since 2010, and is now the director of their massage therapy program. Working as a leader within this multidisciplinary university, Michele has cultivated an appreciation for the challenges that animate stakeholders and the importance of communication to foster understanding and consensus. Dr. Renee’s collaborative nature, her experience with strategic planning, working with state regulators, and her connections across professions underpin the LDC recommendation that she be elected to the AFMTE board.

Message from Michele:

It would be my honor to serve on the AFMTE for two reasons: 1) I believe we are at a pivotal moment for our relatively young profession, and 2) I believe I have something unique to contribute. The future of healthcare is integrative in nature. Massage has a valuable role to play in that future. My vision of integrative healthcare includes massage therapy, and I believe that our educational underpinnings need to evolve to meet the needs of future therapists and future patients alike. This will require thought leadership, learning with and from other professions, and demonstrating to our colleagues in healthcare the important role we play in the well-being of our patients. I look forward to connecting with you and learning more about your ideas, thoughts, and needs as we prepare for the coming chapters in our profession.

Jodi Scholes CE Provider

LDC Statement: Jodi Scholes is a thoughtful and strategic communicator. For the past two years she has been serving as the leader of the Alliance’s combined Marketing/Membership Committee. As someone who is both a massage therapist and a business person, Jodi understands the importance of communication that is both inspiring and efficient. Her purpose is to serve stakeholders, whether that’s Alliance members, the AFMTE as a whole, or the schools with whom she consults to boost enrollment and energize alumni. Jodi’s business consulting with massage therapy clinics and schools gives her a grounded perspective on how to attract, retain and evangelize “customers” in our field. Jodi’s energetic nature and experience with multiple boards also bring great value to the Alliance. The LDC nominates Jodi Scholes for election to a second term of service as on the Board of Directors.

Message from Jodi:

The fact that you are reading this in and of itself it a small miracle. One of the hurdles that the AFMTE is overcoming is invisibility. That may not sound very positive coming from a marketing person, but I assure you I am quite optimistic! When people discover the Alliance their experience of the community, the resources and the support surprises them. Yet I still meet people at massage education events who are unfamiliar with our organization. As a Board, we have a vision where every teacher has access to the resources, support and training to be the best massage instructor they can be. My role moving forward is to spread the word that members of AFMTE have access to first-class resources and dedicated people to support you, your teachers and your school in delivering high quality education. For the last two years it has been my privilege to serve alongside a very talented group of volunteers, and I ask for your support to continue this inspirational work.

Terrie Yardley-Nohr CE Provider

LDC Statement: Terrie Yardley-Nohr recently retired from massage therapy education, having worn many hats in a variety of educational programs. Textbook author, columnist, continuing education provider, mentor – Terrie has contributed to the profession in myriad ways. She plans to continue her work in support of the evolution of this field through involvement on the Alliance board for another term. Terrie is strongly committed to being a resource and support for educators, and Terrie has been serving on the Conference Planning Committee (and previously on the Teacher Resource Development Committee). Her collaborative style and dedication are much appreciated by her colleagues. The LDC asks AFMTE members to endorse Terrie’s re-election to the AFMTE board.

Message from Terrie:

It has been a privilege and honor to serve on the Board for the last two years. Being engaged with such a dedicated, passionate and resourceful group of people helps me feel confident that our profession is moving in a positive direction. I have been working as Board Liaison to the Conference Planning Committee – this is one very diligent and capable group of people who work hard to make inspirational conferences for the massage education field. The AFMTE is truly a great organization to help elevate our profession and I look forward to continuing with my part of the work.   


Leadership Development Committee Candidates

Leadership Development Committee Candidate Profiles

Statement from Su Bibik:

As an Alliance Board member in various positions from 2010 to 2016, I had the opportunity to support the organization in laying a strong foundation so it could accomplish its mission. After a gap year, I was elected to the LDC to continue to assist with the Alliance’s growth and development to meet the needs and challenges of the profession in the future. I continue to support our mission as much today as I did as a founding member in 2009. The LDC plays a significant role in strengthening the Alliance, and I look forward to continuing to serve the organization from this position.

Tim Herbert_ThumbnailStatement from Tim Herbert: 

Working with several of my colleagues on the LDC for many years, this volunteer position is one of the most gratifying I’ve ever had. Our collegiality and joy in interacting with each other, with an extraordinary committee chair, gives our work a sense of gracefulness and honesty that is palpable and effective. We’re building momentum in bringing high-caliber contributors onto the Board of Directors and the working committees. I am grateful to see our efforts deliver valuable results to the AFMTE, and would appreciate your support to continue serving on the LDC.


Cari Pelava_HeatshotStatement from Cari Johnson Pelava: 

I am honored to be running for a position on the LDC. I believe that the educators within this industry are the ones to guide the path for expansion and growth and AFMTE is the organization to set the direction for the future of massage and bodywork education. I am confident I have the experience and perspective to contribute to the LDC. This includes 17 years as a school owner and director, and 38 years as a professional Asian Bodywork Therapist. Currently, I am Administrative Director of CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu School, a COMTA Commissioner, and a national board member for the American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA). I look forward to serving on the LDC if elected.